Why Jeans?

Why jeans and not some other pants?

We love jeans for the same reason so many people do: they're the most comfortable, most versatile pants in our closet.

Wool jeans can go everywhere cotton jeans can go, but they do a lot more for you: they keep you cooler when it's hot... warmer when it's cold... and less stinky so you can wash less, carry fewer changes of clothes, and do more.

Aren't wool jeans hot?

On the contrary. Merino wool works for us the same way it works for merino sheep: it insulates when it's cold, keeping you warm. And it breathes when it's hot, keeping you feeling far fresher than damp, sticky cotton ever could.

Why 100% merino wool and not a blend with cotton or synthetics?

Cotton doesn't breathe and gets stinky. Synthetics might breathe, but they stink even worse. We're purists because we love the comfort of merino and the odor-killing magic of wool.

Aren't denim/jeans cotton by definition?

Not so fast. If you go back to where—and when—denim began, your spacetime machine might take you to 17th century France, where you could buy serge de Nimes: the durable woolen twill fabric (serge) of Nimes, France.

Your machine might then take you to Italy, where Genoese sailors wore a woolen twill of their own into battle.

We're picking up where they left off—before lesser, cheaper materials like cotton came to the fore.

Why now?

Jeans were first patented by Levi Strauss in May 20, 1873 and we think the world has learnt a lot more about fabric since then.