Woolies Equity Crowdfund

This is your opportunity to get behind Woolies Jeans and potentially help provide dairy farmers, sheep shearers, vineyard workers and more with the most comfortable workwear possible. 

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To our investors,

In 2018, fed up with wearing hot and sweaty jeans in a wool shed, shearing New Zealand sheep, I decided to improve on my work wear. The funny thing was that I knew that the perfect pair of jeans could be made out of the product I was working with everyday.

Merino keeps you cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold. What I wanted to do was create a jean, which had the same subtle style of a classic denim workwear jean, whilst offering me the benefits of which merino can offer on the inside. I had my mum help design me a pair.

We took apart a pair of one of my favorite fitted work jeans to get the outline and resewed a merino lining to the interior. After some trial and development, I haven’t worn a normal pair of jeans since.

I have made a few pairs for close friends (in exchange for a few beers), who have told me I should be talking to runway models in Italy about my idea.

I’ve never known much about business but know that these are some of the best jeans I have seen across shearing in England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand. I want to use funds from crowdfunding Woolies in order to patent the designs and to help build a supply chain, with my team, to allow farmers and shearers worldwide to enjoy the product that I have been lucky enough to be able to make.

Yours sincerely,

Jovian Garcia Cummins

Introducing, the world's most comfortable jeans

Financial Forecasts

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Why Crowdfund?

Our equity crowdfunding campaign will take place on the crowdfunding platform, PledgeMe. Below is a financial summary of how we intend to launch Woolies Jeans.

This opens up a unique opportunity to become a shareholder in Woolies Jeans and share in the journey, as we aim to grow a very special brand.