The world's most comfortable jeans

Get ya woolies on!

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The case for wool

Let's say you're heading around the world, and you need to pack ultralight. You can take only one pair of pants. What do you bring?

Not something made from synthetic fiber. It'll do the job on a hike, but a nice restaurant? Forget it—especially not with those cargo pockets.

Your cotton jeans look great—when they're clean. But when they're wet, they're clammy and radiate the perfume of decaying plants.

Wool is nature's high-tech fiber. It does what others can't.

The least bad smelling:
 There's a reason for the saying 'cotton is rotten.' It stays damp against the skin, and before long it sticks with stink. Synthetics might wick sweat, but they smell even worse. It's lose-lose. Wool is made by mammals to protect mammals. It wicks sweat. It kills odor. These properties, inherited from nature, keep its wearer dry like sav blanc and fresh like the Prince of Bel Air.

The most comfortable: There's a lot to love about premium denim. And a lot to love about sweatpants. One feels like Friday night. The other feels like Saturday morning. You deserve the best of both. That's why we wove our fabric with superfine merino wool. A hint of stretch and super smooth, you can have the most comfortable fit however you move.


Introducing, the world's most comfortable jeans.

Not just your regular jeans.